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Following up is easier than ever

Ever missed a great opportunity by forgetting your new acquaintance's name or phone number? Those times are finally over! Swap contact info with one swipe to anyone.

Slipto is the best contact sharing app and it's made for everyone

Digital business card

No more paper-based business cards that you have to carry around! You’ll never run out of cards and they’ll never crumple, fold or get torn by accident.

Change tracking

Slipto contact cards will always be up to date! Should your contact info change, as you re-edit your slipto profile the changes will immediately appear on your friends' and clients' phones.

Intelligent sharing

Slipto can recognize other users in your vicinity, and you can get in touch with them right away. If someone is close to you, you can instantly send him/her a Slipto request.

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One slip

Slip your contact info with one simple slip and never miss a chance to make new connections!

Customizable contact page

Create your own contact profiles
and customize them to your preferences.

Send contact to anyone

Slipto profiles are designed for everyone,
so your friend doesn't need Slipto app to see your profile.

Save forests

We care for nature and so will you, if you use Slipto. Use digital contact sharing instead of paper business cards and save trees.